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A group of Seals basking on the sand.

A group of seals basking on the sand.

Seals are mostly aquatic mammals that can be found on the beaches and icebergs of the Overworld.


These apparently lazy creatures often bask and sleep on any sand or ice they can find. When not resting on land, the seal is an extremely adept swimmer, capable of swimming rings around most other aquatic species, except for their ultimate predator: the Orca. If one seal is attacked, the entire bob will try and flee into the water, where they are more agile. They are also vulnerable to Polar Bears who attack them while they're sleeping.

Feeding a basking seal on land three fish will initiate a primitive form of "trade" between a person and the seal: in exchange for the three fish, the seal will scrounge the seabed for an item to return. Although this item is often worthless junk like kelp or sand, sometimes it can be much rarer items, like shark teeth, scutes, or nautilus shells. Seals can be bred with Lobster Tails. Seals have 2 variants, an white seal and a brown seal. The white ones only spawn in cold biomes, whereas the brown spawn anywhere else.