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The Roadrunner is a passive mob that spawns in Deserts and Badlands.


The Roadrunner is a small brown and yellow bird.


Roadrunners run around in the desert at high speed. They will attack and kill Rattlesnakes. The Rattlesnakes will fight back, but the Roadrunner usually wins. Tarantula Hawks are also scared of Roadrunners and will flee from them. Roadrunners will drop Feathers and Roadrunner Feathers upon death, a crafting ingredient in a few things, Like roadrunner boots that allows the wear to run fast on sand.


Roadrunners can be bred with Maggots.


  • Roadrunners are one of the few creatures that can eat tarantula hawks in real life, which explains why tarantula hawks are scared of them in game.

Road runners are one of the fast land animals in the mod