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A Rattlesnake

A threatened Rattlesnake rattling its tail

A Rattlesnake.

The Rattlesnake is a medium sized reptile found in deserts and badlands.


The Rattlesnake is a sandy beige color with a purple tongue.


Rattlesnakes don't usually do much, but occasionally they may hunt other animals like Jerboas. However, if the player gets too close to a Rattlesnake then it will make a rattle warning sound as well as rattle its tail. If one gets close enough to a Rattlesnake while it is rattling, the creature will become hostile and use its poisonous bite to defend itself. If a Baby Rattlesnake is provoked then it can also chase the player. Rattlesnakes are prey for Roadrunners. Rattlesnakes can be bred with any type of Meat.

If a Rattlesnake is slain, it has a chance to drop a Rattlesnake Rattle. These rattles can be brewed with Komodo Dragon Spit Bottles in order to create Poisonous Essence. Brewing this essence with a Cave Centipede Leg can result in the Potion of Poison Resistance. Their rattles can also be crafted into Maracas.