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Raccoons are small neutral mammals native to the plains and forests of the Overworld. They were added in Release 1.2.0.


These small mammals are gray with a striped tail and streak of black across their eyes. They can often be identified at night due to their glowing eyes.


Although neutral, they will beg for any food item a player holds. Although it can be tempting to feed these cute animals, often times there is little benefit. The Raccoon is a known thief that often steals food out of chests and barrels, and, despite its adorable appearance, can be remarkably aggressive. One curiosity of the Raccoon is its "washing" behavior. When given food near water, a Raccoon will wash the food item under water, then eat it.


Raccoons can only be tamed if given a chicken's egg near water, where they wash the egg as they see fit. Tamed Raccoons can be made to sit, follow and wander. Tamed raccoons can be given carpets, and will gain bandanas of various patterns and color depending on the carpet used, similar to Ilamas and Elephants. They can be bred with Bread.


When slain, Raccoons have a chance to drop their tails. These tails can be used to make the Frontierman's Cap, which grants a speed bonus when sneaking.