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The Mungus or Mungi, is a passive fantasy mob that lives in Mushroom Fields. It was added in release 1.6.0.


Mungi are pretty strange creatures with a nose like a Villager, a big eye like a Guardian, and a thing on their back which appears to have mushroom spores inside. Sometimes they can spawn with one or two mushrooms on them. Their body shape resembles an Among Us character.


Mungi are completely harmless despite their strange appearance. If fed mushrooms then they will take root on the Mungus, and if they have mushrooms on their back, the Mungus will fire a beam at nearby mushrooms of the same type to grow more mushrooms of that type. If the mushroom is on mycelium, it will transform them into giant mushrooms. This process will exhaust one of the mushrooms on its back. If slain with five mushrooms on their back they will convert a small area with the mushrooms on their backs as well as transforming the area into mycelium (Can be disabled in config). Mungi occasionally shed Mungal Spores that can be used to breed Mungi, and also turn rabbits into Bunfungus.

If a Crimson Mosquito sucks dry a Mungus covered in Warped Fungus while in the Overworld, it will mutate into a Warped Mosco.

A Mungus with Red Mushrooms on its back.

A Mungus transforming a Red Mushroom.

A "Drip" Mungus.


  • The idea of the Mungus came from the design of the crewmates from the game Among Us.
    • The baby variants of this mob also resemble the mini crewmates.
    • If you name a Mungus "Drip" it will get a pair of sneakers, in reference to the Among Drip meme.
  • Mungi are one of nine fantasy mobs that spawn in the overworld, the others being the Sunbird, Cave Centipede, Guster, Froststalker, Tusklin, Rocky Roller, Flutter, Bunfungus and Skelewag.
  • Mungi are one of two mobs in the mod that can spawn in Mushroom Fields, the other being the Bunfungus.
    • However the Bunfungus has a rare chance of spawning making Mungi more frequent.
    • However due to a glitch Flies can actually spawn in Mushroom Fields as well and has not been fixed yet.
  • When the Mungus was first introduced a lot of people criticized this mob for looking out of place in the vanilla game.
    • On the Discord server and CurseForge comments people often said #deletemungus or delete Mungus.
  • These mobs can cause some lag when first spawning in newly generating chunks because they often fire beams at mushrooms as soon as they spawn.
  • This was one of the few fantasy mobs that were introduced in non-themed updates, the others are the Warped Toad, Mimicube, Soul Vulture, Spectre and Void Worm
  • The Mungus, Endergrade, Laviathan and Flutter are the only four passive fantasy mobs that are breedable.
    • Furthermore the Mungus is the only passive fantasy mob that is breedable but not tameable.
  • According to the Animal Dictionary, Mungi are relatives of Guardians and Striders.
    • Interestingly Despite having a nose like a Villager they are not related to the Villagers at all.
  • It is the only mob in release 1.6.0 to have configuration options based around them.
  • The Mungus and The Enderiophage are The only mobs with one eye.
  • The Mungus, Mimicube, Mantis Shrimp, Guster, Enderiophage, Flutter and Giant Squid are the only mobs with animated eyes.
  • For some reason the baby variants can shoot lasers just like adults can.
  • Before the Fan Favorites update, Mungi were bred using Mushroom Stew but nowadays they are bred with Mungal Spores.