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Grizzly Bears are defensive mobs that spawn different forests of the Overworld, often with a cub or two. They will attack players if they get too close or attack them.

These animals can sometimes be seen rummaging through bee nests to find honeycomb for consumption. After eating some, a yellow stain of honey will appear around their mouths. Consuming honeycomb also causes them to lower their guard, allowing for a player to tame them.

Grizzly bears were added in release 1.0.0, so they are one of the oldest mobs in the mod. Respectively, they've gone through a few changes too.


Grizzly bears have thick brown fur. They have short, black claws at the end of their limbs used to attack.


The grizzly bear will attack the player if they get to close, or give chase if they are near any cubs, similarly to polar bears. They will also attack most passive animals, including wolves and foxes. They attack by rearing on their back legs and swiping at their opponent with their front claws, dealing decent damage at a fairly quick pace. Grizzly bears are also nearly immune to knockback due to their bulk.

If a Grizzly Bear is caught in a snowstorm, or is right-clicked with Top Snow, its fur will be covered in the material, which can be removed with a shovel. The snow cover melts if the bear goes into water or fire, or if it is in a warm biome (unless it was placed by a player).


Tamed adult bears occasionally shed a single Hair of Bear every 24000 to 48000 ticks (1 to 2 in-game days), which can be used to brew Potions of Knockback Resistance. Bears also drop 0 to 2 hair of bear upon death, or 0 to 3 if the looting enchantment is used.

There is a 1% chance for a bear to drop a special item called the Bear Dust on death, plus an additional 1% for each level of looting used.


Despite their defensive nature, Grizzly Bears are tamable. In order to tame one, a player must first feed it honeycomb by dropping it on the ground. The Grizzly Bear must then be fed raw salmon by throwing it on the ground in order to tame. Each salmon the bear consumes has a 30% chance to successfully tame it, so 3-4 raw salmon are needed on average. Tamed bears can be made to sit, wander or follow, like most other tamed mobs. Grizzly bears can also be ridden without the need of a saddle; keep in mind that they are considerably slow and cannot jump. Grizzly Bears will defend its owner from attackers such as hostile mobs and players. Note that they can attack while their owner is riding them.

Taming a Grizzly Bear rewards the player the advancement "Pic-A-Nic Basket?"

Grizzly bear eating honeycomb