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Gorillas are neutral and tameable animals that spawn in jungles.


There are two variants of Gorillas: Males, the bigger ones, and females, with darker colors.


Gorillas are neutral; If you fight them, they will fight back, and other Gorillas will help them. Sometimes, Gorillas eat leaves to find some bananas. By eating it, they regain health.


Gorillas can be tamed by giving it bananas (by dropping bananas). When they are tamed, they can defend you, and you can order it to stay here or to wander. Unfortunately, it can't follow you.


  • Sometimes, male Gorillas slap on their chest.
  • Naming a Gorilla "Donkey kong"\"DK" or "Harambe" or "Funky Kong" via name tag will change its skin.


The male version of the Gorilla

A Gorilla eating Leaves

A male Gorilla who slap on his chest

The skin of a Gorilla named Donkey kong