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Current Gorilla texture.


Gorillas have black hair covering their bodies, with black skin on their faces and chests. Silverbacks (males) have silvery-gray coloration on their behinds.


Gorillas spawn in Jungle biomes, where they munch on leaves and bananas. Young gorillas cling to their mother's backs or even their father’s back, and may cause them to spin. When provoked, the Silverback of the group will be the first to engage any attacker.


Gorillas are easily tamed with Bananas obtained by breaking jungle leaves. Any mobs targeted by you or that target you will receive a beating by the gorillas.
They can be ordered to sit or stay by right-clicking, but they cannot follow the player(owner).


  • Sometimes, male Gorillas beat their chests.
  • Naming a Gorilla "Donkey Kong"\"DK", "Harambe", or "Funky Kong" via name tag will change its skin to resemble the Nintendo characters, or put a halo above their head.


The male version of the Gorilla

A Gorilla eating Leaves

New Cool Gorilla

A male Gorilla who slap on his chest

The skin of a Gorilla named Donkey kong