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A single Crocodile

A single Crocodile

The Crocodile is a massive reptile that spawns in rivers and swamps rarely throughout the overworld, added in Release 1.0.0.


The Crocodile has a long, green body covered in scales and a large mouth filled with sharp teeth.


This beast lunges towards its prey, grabbing and then pulling them underwater, it is where it proceeds to deal a devastating death roll. It is naturally hostile towards man and beast alike.

Although hostile, Crocodiles can be bred with Rotten Flesh. After breeding, Crocodiles will come ashore to lay their eggs. If these eggs are damaged, any Crocodile parents will become aggressive. They are most likely to crack and hatch between 21600 and 22550 ticks in-game time, same as turtles in Vanilla Minecraft, and the baby crocodile can imprint on the nearest player. It will defend the area of its birth from monsters. Interacting with it can also make it stay still and bask.

Crocodile Scutes are dropped when the creature becomes an adult or on death. These scutes can be used to create a protective chestplate that increases the wearer's swim speed. They can also be used to make a copy of the Animal Dictionary.


Crocodiles are extremely dangerous in survival, and can definitely kill you if you are not prepared. Here are some tips if you plan on hunting these beasts, or ways to survive when one spots you.

Hunting tips[]

  • When the beast spots you, try your best to lure it away from water. It will chase you unless you get too far away, so stay close and in it's sightline. When it's stuck on land, it's damage is reduced and it can't use it's devastating death roll attack.
  • If you have some on you, feed the crocodile rotten flesh. This will pacify it, and you can use this to your advantage to run away or land an axe crit before it grabs you.
  • If you end up in the croc's jaws, don't just give up or panic, even if you're caught in water. Calmly face the crocodile and focus on landing hits. You can see it's health in the top right of your hotbar, so use this to your advantage and kill it before it kills you.
  • Always carry three or four blocks, pillaring is a very effective way to protect yourself, but only works if you have at least three blocks height on the croc.