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Capuchin Monkeys are small primates native to Jungles.


They are small, black monkeys with cream-colored fur around their head. The four variants one can find are known to have Yellow, Light Brown, Dark Brown or Black fur.

White Headed Capuchin (cebus capuchinus capuchinus) are small black monkeys with cream-colored fur around their head.

Blond Capuchin (sapajus flavius) are small yellow monkeys.

Wedgecapped Capuchin (cebus olivaceus) are small grayish light brown monkeys

Tufted Capuchin (sapajus apella) are small dark brown monkeys with black fur on their head.


Like the other primates Capuchins share the jungle with, they have a fondness for bananas, which can be fed to them to tame them. Tame Capuchins are more sophisticated than other tamed creatures, like wolves, being able to follow, stay and wander, along with being able to use both ranged and melee attacks. They can also be made to ride their owner's shoulder, which they can also attack from, throwing stones at targets.

Capuchins can be fed a variety of other items. Feeding them eggs can be used to heal them, and they can be bred with Maggots. Occasionally, they can drop a Banana Peel when eating a Banana. These banana peels can be used to create a unique dish dubbed "Sopa De Macaco".

Given Ancient Darts, they will gain piercing attacks, allowing them to ignore armor and deal damage straight to the target without any resistances.